Farmers Market Finds


With dew still clinging to the grass and strawberry blooms, I was on my way to the first Farmers Market of the season. 

Walking from booth to booth, fresh vegetables, homemade pies, and colorful blooms began to catch my attention, carrying me from one section to the next.


While some plants were forced to arrive early, others were in their peak-season pride. So, while my Farmers Market Finds may seem at random, trust me when I say that the perfect produce will cause anyone to pause at its beauty. 

Find #1: Purple Bok Choy 

To be honest, I’m clueless when it comes to cooking Bok Choy. Yet, the farmer I spoke with, Sarah, said that they were tender enough for a salad. So, somehow the delicate purple leaves found their way onto my plate a day later. 

Find #2: Eggs

Who doesn’t like fresh eggs? The answer to almost every “why does this taste so good?” question is— fresh eggs. These freckled beauties will grace my breakfasts for days to come, perhaps in the form of pancakes or over-easy with a side of roasted potatoes? 

Find #3: Chives

I can’t wait to make the perfect baked-potato and garnish any given savory plate of dinner for the night. 

These three selections were only a few gems on what caught my eye on this weekend’s saunter.

So, to those that were able to visit their first Farmers Market of the season, congratulations. And to those who missed the adventure, I look forward to hearing about your best finds next time.