Halloween Takes Flight: How To Make Halloween Curtains in 5 Steps

This Halloween, I, like many others I know, get inspired by the craftiness of Martha Stewart around this time of year. Knowing that my daughter was throwing a seasonal soiree, this was the perfect excuse I was looking for to break out the Google searches on “Halloween Crafts.”


Once we landed on these menacing silhouettes, it was time to attempt the (nearly) impossible task. Since we had so much fun making these Halloween curtains—small mistakes and all—I thought I’d share an easy how-to with you all. Here’s hoping you get inspired by this spooktacular project.

Step 1: After Gathering Supplies, Begin Stencil

Have fun creating these silhouettes with chalk (easy to erase) and some black fabric. Cutting these out are the hardest part— so go slow!

Step 2: Sew Curtains — no loose threads!

Showing off my sewing skills.

Showing off my sewing skills.

Step 3 & 4: Cut and Glue

If you forget to use a paintbrush to spread the glue, a spare finger will do.

Step 5: Light Up the Night & Enjoy!

For something extra eye-catching, we used gold leaf for the eye.

For something extra eye-catching, we used gold leaf for the eye.

Admiring the work from across the street from a goblin’s point of view.

Admiring the work from across the street from a goblin’s point of view.

What are some of your favorite Halloween craft ideas— both new and old? Comment below and share in the Halloween Spirit!

Getting Dressed

Coordinating collections of trim and interior doors

Funny how things fall into place. Certainly when I was thinking of this post and doing a bit more research on the trend of adding decorative trims to ones space. Just a few years ago it was mostly considered and afterthought to most designers and home builders, as the budget was primarily used for the structure itself and its furnishings. Beautiful as these add-ons were, cost effectiveness and usually involved custom millwork and were out of reach to many.

A few days ago I had received an email about this very subject from Mr. Dale Robbins. He feels design is changing because of the use Technology and is directly reflected in our homes.  Trims and decoration have become more affordable to manufacture, have become pliable and more people are now looking for ideas to achieve their personal style. Just as one would with ones wardrobe, our homes have become a reflection of ourselves.

Google shows trends that ceiling Ideas are becoming more popular among users:

Which brings me to the company Metrie. I had the pleasure of visiting with them during last months trip to the Kitchen and Bath Show in Orlando Florida, while traveling with BlogtourKBIS. Along with Metrie, I was privy to a variety of vendors that attended the show.

Metrie’s showroom was just one of the highlights of the show not only for the interactive displays, but the way they promoted their wares. As you may be able to tell from the photos I was able to capture, they are a designer and builders dream go to, when adding trims along with coordinating doors to a new or existing project. The selection of items were well thought out and took the guess work out of ordering and installing, some of which were prepped saving time and monies in the long run. 

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many inspirations available this year. I have enclosed a link to a few beautiful ideas to enhance any home. Provided by Mr. Robins web post, in which he gathered from a wide variety of sources. ( http://alexmoulding.com/ceiling-design-ideas/ ) I’ll be looking forward to studying and implementing similar interiors as well as hearing about your own interior inspirations for the home.