Suggard Oats: February in the Mountains

Upon every morning at the family farm, I would hear the click clacking of hooves from Zeb and Zachary from above. Yes, they were on the roof again.

Lying in bed before the school day arrived, I never needed an alarm clock for the hooves were loud enough and just timely. And while the dogs would wander in for the not-so-subtle reminder to walk them, it was those two animals that really got my goat.

Home with  Farrow and Ball

Home with Farrow and Ball

However, like any member of the family, those little annoyances transform into quirks that you adore. So while they ate absolutely everything in site, the lawn, neighboring branches, and buckets of hay, these goats were never too full from dinner. After eating to their hearts’ content, off Zeb and Zachary rebounded onto our rooftop to enjoy the view of the Rockies, play, and I’m sure have a little snack here and there. 


Zeb & Zachary 

Whenever we arrived back home after a day out, there they would be on the rooftop enjoying the day in their two very different ways. Zeb, a golden-haired goat was always the calmer of the two. He would walk to and fro around the property exploring as slowly as the shadows past. In contrast, Zachary had magnificent horns, which he was very proud of. Every time I would, foolishly, try and ride him by holding onto these horns, he would buck me off with as much effort as he could. Needless to say after a few feeble attempts, I stuck with hanging out with Zeb. 

But in a family, you cannot have favorites. So on a frigid Valentine’s Day, my mother asked me to feed them a special treat for dinner—sugar oats. So after dinner, I snuck to the red barn as fast as I could, lest Zeb and Zachary discover their Valentine's Day gift. Once I locked the doors behind me, I carefully divided the amount between the two animals within the barn. The smell of dry hay and sugar filled the air as I used the glistening silver old dog bowls for presentation’s sake. 

Suggard Oats

Suggard Oats

Then the time came to give them their oats. After unlocking the doors, the heavy lock opening in hand, there stood Zeb and Zachary eagerly facing me for their dessert.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope everyone has time to enjoy the surprises that the day brings.