Trust & Clarity

We were fortunate enough to run across this palette from Pantone. A combination of blues that evoke qualities of trust and clarity. Introducing fresh greens and rose promises growth and plenty, everything is new and bursting with excitement. Colors that pop with neutral backgrounds of whitewash with metallic accents. 

A recent ad from Scalamandre exemplifies this palette in a livable way. Any configuation of mirror either in furnishings or traditional wall placement pulls the metalics together.  Check out ABeachCottage on Twitter, or Sarah's blog from Australia. She has a wonderful sence of style that is applicable to the States. She describes herself as, "an advocate for winging it and not worrying about perfection". Sarah loves to combine coastal, cottage and country for her unique Beach Cottage style. The next photo was taken by her; the other is a  piece we have in the shop. The mirror was noted in Chicago Home and Garden magazine.

Speaking of the shop, look what I found. A hand painted, equestrian cocktail shaker from the 1930's. It's hard for me to resist bringing this one home. Maybe I can hide it somewhere... a corner? Behind a book? 
What about this one? I think it'll do. It's one of my favorite books. Saskia shows you how to bring the beauty of flowers into your own home, providing a wealth of ideas on choosing blooms, selecting vases, composing backdrops and designing your own superb floral creations. 

Until next time- headin' to the beach.