Table Manners







An approachable lesson for a daunting task. 

Silver management: collect the same types organized by size and use. Why not try an unorthodox use of storage? Your grandmothers silver would be proud to be kept in such a fashionable manner.




 Those who need a bit of beach, bring it indoors. 





Color Predictions. This trend is in part inspired by the effects of the global recession, which inspires this down-at-heel glamour. Here, flickers of faced grandeur and a once glorious past attract the eye. Plants, once the domain of outdoor decoration, edge indoors with wrought iron and rust finishes. 

A rugged pine timber table with a sawhorse-style trestle base and pited, aged finish is topped with a glass slab to create a refreshingly modern take on rustic dining. 

Let's learn something together.  

A table discovers its guests.