Thin Air

Thin Air. Full screen it, look around a bit further, and you may agree-- Everything old is new again. 


Aspen Colorado 1950




Staffan Tollgard  Design Group's  Portfolio 

A playful experiment with the illusion of weightlessness. Handcrafted from solid hardwood bolted to powder coated steel straps Equilibrium's striking utilitarian lines and bold cantilever evoke classic modernist arhitectural forms.

Full Carbonite skis by Aviator. Aggressive riders only. Polished aluminium and neon reflectors give a new direction in surface design.




























Fly Girls: Ralph Lauren Magazine

As a designer, Jinseok always thought about presenting stories to people in a unique way through product design. He was inspired by the movements of the humanoid robot and mechanics from movies and comic books and tried to give life and emotion into a desk lamp design. LOBOT means "Lighting" plus "Robot" as well as a "Robot" designed by "low tech".

Color Me Happy: An psychological infographic, physiological effects of color. Specifically orange and tangerine, we will be seeing a lot of this through the year.