A stroke of the pen


Balancing the weight of the pen in my hand, I begin to write. Each new idea forming and bubbling to the surface is scribbled on a post-it note. This may sound manageable and organized to some, but the fact is that these hieroglyphics remain to be incomprehensible by others and even myself at times.

The problem is that as I while I compose this post, preaching the beauty and importance of organization, my wallpapered wall behind my Mac is hidden behind the numerous post-its with evidence of my fleeting thoughts. I’ve become accustomed to tracking down an inspired idea on the backs of old grocery lists, yellow, green, blue sticky notes, and any scratch paper that’s in arms reach. Yet, understanding the simplicity and ease an office should leave its owner, I’ve become intrinsically motivated to make a change.  

And so, with a stroke of the pen, I begin. 



A simple home office illustrated by the use of CAD.












Salvaged wood and extending glass desk

Dream office and Ralph Lauren office chair. Beautiful.



Zinc desk, milk glass lamp, and easy storage

Try to bring something into the mix that personal and enjoyable. For me it's a touch of the mountains.

Reuse, recycle and restyle. Leather pencil holders















Always have your reference materials handy

A hint of Pantone's color of the season tangerine. A little goes a long way.

Calligraphy,it's never to late to learn. Drop by my facebook pages to see what we are all talking about.