A Clean Slate

A friend asked me the other day, where I get my influences. The answer’s easy: sea glass. I’ve spent hours walking up and down the sandy shores of Lake Michigan hunting for the illusive red sea glass in order to finally beat my daughter in our own little summer completion each year. At first, the game was merely a silly way to escape the heat of Chicago. Yet, while I write this, I understand that the glass has embodied something else entirely, the seemingly insignificant moments of summer that I cherish the most. This post is reminiscent of this, meaning the clean crisp colors that are found randomly and influence design.
By picking out hints of color here and there or the ultimate wallpaper for example, like my family tradition, may seem ordinary and insignificant. However, when you finally rest in your home, surrounded by the colors peeking from behind the curtains, a sense of accomplishment and pride emerges. You have finally captured the mood. 
Now go out and find your sea glass. 


The power of blue including the Thoroughbred paint collection from Ralph Lauren

Whitewash with a pop of color





Imagine the color possibilities by Sherrill





a fresh take on a spring/summer palette

keeping it neutral wall system courtesy of Somerset Bay